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The Sundance festival part 2

Zach and I have been all over the place the last few months. My work has taken me to Minneapolis, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, and Phoenix. Between jobs Zach and I have been back to Florida not once but twice, and Z also went back to Costa Rica for two and a half weeks. While Zach was away in Costa Rica we realized that the weekend after we both were set to return to California from our respective jobs it would be our 7 month-iversary. (Yes, I am fully aware how dorky it sounds that we acknowledge month-ivesaries, but a lot happens in a month and it is a great time frame in which Z and I can reflect and recall our adventures and travels and re-evaluate the goals that we are working towards!)

Anyways, dorky or not 7 is my favorite number and with our 7 month-iversary coming up,  Zach said that he was going to surprise me with a romantic weekend getaway! Music to every woman’s ears! Surprise!! (Who doesn’t love surprises?) Romance!! (Something every woman can’t live without!) Weekend!! (Well everybody loves the weekend)… and Getaway!!! (Who doesn’t love the sound of just picking up and leaving to go on an adventure?) We had been apart from each other for over  two weeks (which felt like an eternity!). It sounded like the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together and a great excuse to spend whatever few dollars we had left to go on another escapade! Little did I know he had a huge and meaningful surprise in store for me.

The night before we left I was so excited I could barely sleep. I felt like a little kid trying to go to bed on Christmas eve, when all you can think about is PRESENTS! All that was on my mind was SURPRISE! The next morning we woke up and headed to the airport.  I knew a big part of the mystery would be revealed there, because you can’t exactly go through the airport without knowing which plane you are getting on. When I printed my boarding pass and it said Salt Lake City I asked Zach.. “Is this right?  We are going to Utah?” With his nod I thought to myself “Ok! Well I have never been there this should be interesting!”

On the plane ride to SLC Zach could barely contain himself.  He started asking me “So do you want to know where we are going?” and I would reply “Umm, no it’s ok. I’ve waited this long. I can wait.” A few minutes would go by and he would start asking me again, “Are you sure you don’t want to know what we are doing?” After about the 5th time of him asking me I gave in and said “YES! Zach please tell me what we are doing! I am dying to know but really you are just dying to tell me! Hahaha!” He spilled the beans that we were going to the Sundance resort, which I was not familiar with, but once he gave me the low down about the place I was over the moon! We were heading to a beautiful secluded destination and we going to do what we love most- learn new things, enhance our lives, and make more unforgettable memories.

When we arrived at Sundance I was blown away. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking. We were surrounded by blue skies and gorgeous mountains covered with multi-colored trees. Fall was in full bloom and it was beautiful! We decided to grab some food and go explore. Our first stop was the Art Shack, where they sell local art and teach workshops. We scheduled our pottery class for the next day and while we were there the manager asked us if we would like to purchase tickets for the ski lift, which takes hikers and moutain bikers up the mountain in the summer and fall. By this time it was already 3  and she told us that the lift stopped running at 5 (and it was a 45 minute loop). We bought the tickets and headed to grab a quick bite to eat. Zach seemed a little anxious… asking me if I could just eat the soup and salad on the lift?!  I said that I didn’t think that would work out too well… and suggested we just eat really quick and then go. Before I could take the lid off my soup to let it cool down Zach was already finished with his!  I thought to myself geez he must have been REALLY hungry. I ate as fast as I could and we got on the lift, which was magical. Going up you get a sense of how majestic the surrounding mountains are. As we approached the top Zach announced that we are getting off. I thought we were just going to stay on and do the loop because of the time, but Zach pratically pushed me off and said “We are getting off!”  Before I could even take in the panoramic view by the lift landing Zach grabbed my hand and pointed up and said “Let’s hike this trail!” I was thinking he was a little nuts because we didn’t have a clue where the trail went and I was worried about getting left up there on top of a mountain! None of this seemed to phase him and I trust him so I followed. We hiked up and fifteen minutes later we were all alone on top of the mountain surrounded by sheer beauty. We took a couple deep breaths and smiled at each other. Zach looked at me and got down on one knee and popped the question. “Will you marry me???”  He pulled out a beautiful blue diamond ring from his pocket and I screamed “Yes!!” It was one of the best moments of my life. I don’t know if I can capture the beauty that we were surrounded by or the feeling I was having up there with Zach in words; all I can say is that at that moment time stood still. It was just my best friend and I surrounded by the essence of nature and I was enveloped in the most intense love I have ever felt. It was pure and magical. The next thing I remember is jumping on him, and we kissed, hugged, laughed and cried for the next 10 minutes. We  took a few quick snap shots with our Iphones and then headed back down to the lift so we wouldn’t be left behind.  I had the biggest smile on my face that day, and I still do now as I write.

We spent the next two days at the Art Shack and exploring the mountains. The first day we took a pottery class (which Zach described in his last blog) and the second day we took a jewelry making class.  In the jewelry class we learned how to make rings. We made one for me and one for Zach’s sister Katie. Our instructor, Brittany, has been making jewelry and teaching for over a decade. She made the class fun and easy to follow. We first picked out our stones and then cut, filed, hammered, and soldered the sterling silver pieces together into cool rings. Our first attempt at jewelry making turned out a little better than our first attempt at pottery! We had time to complete the rings and get a good introduction to silversmithing in the two hour class, and the rings were included in the cost of the workshop.

This trip will forever be engrained in my memory… Zach told me as we came down on the lift the day he proposed that he wanted our engagement to be an experience that I would never forget. Not just a ring or a moment or even a day, but a complete experience…. and that it was! He planned the perfect escape and found a way to embody what we are all about and what brings us true happiness into one package.  I am blessed to have found my soulmate and one true love. I am grateful for him and his love everyday. I am looking forward to many more surprise romantic getaways that Zach has in store for us..(hint hint Z, keep it up! haha!) Here’s to a lifetime of learning and exploring with my best friend!