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Are you an expectant Mum? Dress your bump!

Being a Mum is a daunting, exhilarating and joyous experience. Likewise, being a Mum-to-Be has both its terrifying and wonderful moments. During this time, you are on a roller coaster ride, looking forward to meeting your little one. There’s so much going on, so many things to decide on. Do you tell your close friends and family straight away, or do you wait to the three month mark? Do you find out the sex of the baby or wait? What names do you like, where are you going to give birth… the list is endless.

With so much on your mind, visiting your local department store to look at the maternity collection is probably not at the top of your to-do list. However, it is a good idea to start thinking about maternity clothes early on during your pregnancy, in order to be prepared to dress your best when your bump grows bigger.

The Maternity Wardrobe

When you start to think about what maternity items you will need, make a list of clothes you want to wear. Will you need formal work clothes? Do you often wear jeans and hence need to buy maternity denim? Consider what baggy clothes and leggings you already own, as you may be able to continue to wear these for some way into your pregnancy. There is also the question of footwear to consider, as pregnant women often find that their feet swell up. Comfy sandals, pumps and flip flops are a good way to handle this problem. Don’t forget also that you will probably need a few sets of maternity lingerie to see you through the later stages of your pregnancy.

What style do you like?

After you have decided what kinds of clothes you are looking for, research maternity fashion trends for 2013. Do you want to be ‘out there’ with your bump, showing it off at every opportunity? Or would you prefer to be a little more subtle and discrete, merely showing a hint of your bump to the world? If the former, you will probably opt for sexy, tight-fitting maternity wear. Whilst doing so, remember that your comfort must be of the utmost importance in anything you choose to buy. If the latter, you will channel the lovely K-Mid, donning flattering tops and dresses which flow over your bump. Should this be your look of choice, try emphasizing other slender parts of your body to make a contrast between bump and bearer.


Size matters when it comes to maternity styles. Try to buy clothes which will last you the remainder of your pregnancy, where possible, or at least until the end of your next trimester. Materials which expand with your body are a good idea, such as spandex or Lycra. Make sure that the materials are breathable and allow you room to move and feel at ease. Trousers should be comfy and have lots of give around the waist. Ultimately, comfort should be your goal.

Above all have fun with your baby bump. Buy fashionable clothes that will expand with your baby. Enjoy every minute and don’t forget to start planning baby wear!

If you're expecting, shouldn't you be saving?

Lately I’ve read a lot of long, well thought-out blog posts on how to save money. Often times my downfall comes more from the waste of money than from shopping, gambling, or not saving, and I thought I would go down the list of expenditures that I call Money Wasters. Very simply put, there are things people waste money on, that could be avoided. From unnecessary expenses to general waste due to lack of research or comparison shopping, read on to learn some simple ways to save money.

Top Money Wasters

  • Keeping a Cell + Landline and the under-use of one of those services.
  • Satellite Dish/Cable over Antenna or Streaming Video via your Blu-ray device.
  • Paying Full Price; not shopping around or checking the clearance sale ads.
  • Going cheap: clothes and shoes that don’t fit correctly.
  • Vacations without perks. Ignoring all inclusive options or vouchers for freebies.
  • Purchasing packing materials, boxes for holiday gifts, and gift wrap at full price.
  • 3-ply toilet paper. Really?!
  • Loans and credit like payday loans, see here.
  • Not even making an attempt to bargain.
  • Buying kids clothes at full price.
  • Paying for auto maintenance/repair services that you can do yourself.
  • Buying produce when you can grow your own vegetables year round.
  • Parking passes, VIP parking, Parking lots. We could all use some exercise. Just walk. Use an imexpensive pedometer to track your miles!
  • Buying cleaning supplies at full price, when the Dollar Store sells the same for about 75% less, or you can buy cleaning supplies in bulk and save even more..
  • Choosing sirloin steak over pork steak. The savings here is definitely notable. Besides: pork IS the other white meat.
  • Online shopping… you should rarely have to pay for shipping if you look for coupon codes online first.
  • Eating out excessively.
  • Businesses: overlooking the free networking & marketing opportunities social media offers.
  • Home heating bills.
  • Renting DVD’s from a retailer store – kiosks are cheaper
  • Bank fees/monthly charges. This includes OVERDRAFT fees.
  • Overeating.
  • Ignoring coupons, daily deals and discount codes.top sirloin steak
  • Abusing the air conditioner in your car or the air conditioner in your home, if outdoors temperatures deem it unnecessary.
  • Discounting the benefits of barter, trade and DIY projects.