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What's your side hustle?

A side hustle is a part time job, a second job, or alternate way to earn money – outside of your 9 to 5 career. The economic downturn left many well-qualified adults scrambling to earn wages that would continue to put food on the table, with many taking on a second job just to make ends meet.  According to FOX News and the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. job outlook remains dismal, with wage incomes improving by just 1.4%, and the economy expanded by only 1.9% during the first quarter of 2012.

Whether you’re trying to pay off bills, add to your children’s college fund, or save for a special event, taking a second job is a route many working adults take in order to get ahead financially.


Freelance jobs are plentiful across the World Wide Web. However – unless you live in Pakistan and are able to work for pennies on the dollar – quality freelance jobs take some digging to find. I have freelanced for Yahoo and Demand Media Studios, edited web sites for small web publishers, and worked as an independent freelance writer. Of these choices, editing web sites paid the most… writing web content as an independent was the most flexible and pays well, and working for the “content mills” pays – but does it pay what you’re worth?

Demand Media Studios strict content form and requirements hardly make it worth the $25 per article you’ll receive… if you’ve spent an hour writing the article and it’s accepted as-is, $25/hour is awesome. However, this is rare with DMS, so in reality is takes more like 2 – 3 hours to earn the $25. Yahoo Contributor Network is the most user friendly place I have found to write for money… but at $15 per post you really need to have the concept down pat, write fast with few errors, and produce cookie-cutter content that can make your eyes cross by the end of the day. Freelance writing for blogs and websites is a good choice as a side hustle – IF you have the skills needed to turn content fast, and with few mistakes.

Blogging For Money – Side Hustle or Hype?

My full time career is as a Blogger. I blog across several websites, and those sites make money through paid advertising, reviewing products, and creating interesting articles and content that make readers want to come back for more. When I first began blogging, I was also doing a lot of freelance writing and editing to put food on the table. I could go on and on about how to become a successful pro blogger, but the truth is that I followed the wisdom of another highly successful blogger, who recently rolled out an e-Book on making money as a blogger.  The eBook, How I Make Money Blogging, is a no-holds-barred tutorial on how to start, and how to create a viable income as a blogger. Since I know the author – Crystal Stemberger – have worked with her as a colleague on several projects, and have personally followed her success on Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, I highly recommend buying this eBook. Her actual website, How I Make Money Blogging, gives details weekly, but the book is one of the best places to start for newbies… of an excellent way for current bloggers/freelancers to get back on track and tuern their blogs into a lucrative business. I know that this eBook is in the up and up, and I couldn’t even say it better – or detail the steps Crystal outlines –  myself. I have watched as Crystal’s monthly earnings went from a level where she could quit her day job… to the point where her husband has been able to quit his own job to work alongside her from their home office. These people are solid, intelligent, hard working folks – and Crystal’s template for success is not to be overlooked. If you’re even remotely interested in creating a work-from-home career, please take a moment to check out the eBook.

I do earn a commission for telling you about the eBook — so let me thank you in advance for clicking through my link (above) when you go to buy the eBook. Be sure to come back here and comment on your success with the tips in the book – or email me directly to share your story. If you are having trouble getting started, I’m happy to help. I have 8 years experience as a web dev/web editor, and have been a professional (paid) blogger for the last 3 years. I know that sometimes getting started can be frustrating, but it is definitely worth it for people who have the drive and determination to make it happen. so if I can help or answer a question, feel free to email: Lisa {at} Thriftability {dot} com. The book, How I Make Money Blogging is the true story of Crystal Stemberger’s experience in leaving her day job to work form home as a full time blogger and web ‘preneur. Definitely worth the read!

Side Jobs: Seasonal and Temp Work

Taking a job during the holiday season is a good way to earn money in a short period of time. As long as you’re not paying for child care while you work (perhaps your spouse or a relative can keep the kids), you can earn decent money in retail during the holidays. Seasonal and temp work can pay off as well – as long as you’re OK with the reality of becoming involved with a company or project for a short term period. Keep in mind: with the unemployment rate hovering at 8.2% nationwide, you’re up against other adults who have no jobs at all, while those looking for the side hustle are out to supplement their primary source of income. Bring your “A Game”, and treat the interview for a second job as seriously as you would for any other. Dress for success, and be enthusiastic.

Put Your Skills To Work For You

Perhaps taking a second  job is out of the question, because you have kids at home, your primary job is time consuming and you only have random hours in which to work, or… (be honest) the thought of taking on a second job makes you feel ill. I can relate to this! This is why I started working from home in the first place: I needed extra cash, but I was also needed at home as a single mom with three pre-teen and teen-aged kids. Think outside the box. Maybe you have valuable skills that could bring in a secondary income without ever leaving the house. Can you sew? The number of young professionals who have mastered the tasks once taught in Home Ec has dwindled sharply over the years. One of my neighbors takes in ironing – clean clothes brought over just to be presses – and makes $40 in an evening… ironing while watching her favorite TV shows or movies. Lawn care, auto maintenance, child care and supplying home-cooked meals are other ways to earn money from home. My latest hobby has just started bringing in extra (unplanned!) cash… I have a large organic garden, and sell produce at the local Farmer’s Market. Regardless of where, how, or how much, the side hustle is becoming more the norm for many Americans.