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Natalie Holt

Natalie studied as a composer at the National Film and Television School before forming Raven. Natalie is a girl of many talents. An accomplished violinist and violist, Natalie began a performance degree at the Royal Academy of Music before deciding to fulfill her potential as a composer. She is now enjoying both writing and playing and so far she has performed in various capacities in venues from India to Hong Kong. As an arranger she has worked on the scores of hugely successful films such as Hannibal Rising and Stardust. Most recently a song Natalie wrote and arranged for Hayley Westenra was recorded at Air Lyndhurst with the prestigious London Metropolitan Orchestra.

Little known Natalie facts: Natalie has a profoundly efficient sense of smell. She can smell everything, all the time. If the whole Raven thing doesn’t work out, she can get a job with the Metropolitan Police in the drug squad. Natalie once pulled a diving board into a swimming pool with her mid-dive in an ill-fated swimming gala race. Natalie was the most adventurous eater on Raven’s trip to Japan. She even ate fermented beans and the sushi the rest of Raven couldn’t eat.

Natalie loves: foreign travel, foreign food (the weirder the better), The Books, going to see her Grandpa, Prêt a Manger chocolate popcorn, Monmouth’s Coffee shop in Convent Garden.

Natalie hates: cotton wool. HATES it.