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Kirsty Mangan

Kirsty’s obvious talent for music was spotted at a young age. She started playing the violin at the tender age of 3, and apart from the odd moment of banging the instrument against the wall during difficult practice sessions, has enjoyed great success from early on. Kirsty had won countless competitions by the time she was 12, and at 13 was one of the youngest members of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, which she ended up leading at the age of 18 under Sir Simon Rattle (not literally).

After leading the NYO and being the head girl of Chethams School of Music, ever the clever-clogs, Kirsty went on to complete not one but two degrees simultaneously at the Royal Northern College of Music and the University of Manchester. After completing her masters at the Royal College of Music, Raven was formed and Kirsty has loved the variety of different repertoire she has performed since graduating.

Little known Kirsty facts: she has double jointed thumbs that can bend 90 degrees backwards. She can fall asleep on any mode of public transport. She has hiked for weeks in the Grand Canyon, Arizona. Her longest surviving pet was a zebra finch called Cheekychops.

Kirsty loves: thai curry, the Kentish countryside, putting chocolate in savoury dishes, fruit smoothies and festivals.

Kirsty hates: rude people on the tube, bad breath and ginger.