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Stephanie Benedetti

Born and raised in West Kilbride to Italian parents, Stephanie’s unique hybrid Scottish/Italian/English accent has kept Raven amused on many a long tour journey. Steph started playing the violin at a very young age and her obvious talent was developed at Well’s Cathedral School, Somerset. She was a valued member of the National Children’s Orchestra and later the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland.

At eighteen Steph went to study at the Royal College of Music in London and when Raven formed she was already an established freelancer, performing with the likes of Take That, Mcfly, Pink, Leona Lewis, Michael Buble and Dizzee Rascal and travelling all over the world performing with other ensembles (boo hisssssss), particularly in the Middle East. Most recently Steph has performed with Katharine Jenkins on her UK arena tour, Florence and the Machine, and acclaimed composer and performer, Nitin Sawhney.

Little known Steph facts: Steph can fix anything. Microphones, music stands, carborettas… you name it, Steph will fix it. Need a necklace untangling? Dropped your mobile in a toilet? Steph’s your woman. She’s more than a pretty face. Steph is the quartet driver. If you have ever seen Raven perform in Dundee, or Land’s End, chances are Steph drove us there. In a mini. A trouper if ever there was one. Steph once sang with Andrea Bocelli on the Alan Titchmarsh show. Steph can take the credit for instigating the career of her famous wee sister Nicola, as Nicola took up the violin in a desperate attempt to keep up with her big sister.

Steph loves: cats - actually the entire animal kingdom, spaghetti carbonara, Michael Jackson, going home to West Kilbride, funny YouTube videos, anything from EAT.

Steph hates: coriander. And diet coke.