Rachael Lander

Progeny of classical musicians who divorced and re-married other classical musicians, Rachael never stood a chance. Her destiny was to perform but she has tried to resist it with a plethora of other jobs, the real low point being a dispenser of parking permits at Wandsworth Borough Council. Through it all Rachel stayed positive, with a love for girl bands and music. However, Rachel didn't have to wait long before Raven reignited her passion for the cello and since joining the group she has loved the excitement of travel and performing.

At the age of 14 Rachael started studying as a junior at the Royal Northern College of Music, where she later completed her Bachelor of Music degree. After five years with the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, Rachael was keen to begin a career as an orchestral musician and played with the Hallé Orchestra and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra before leaving music college. She has found playing in a quartet a whole new challenge but loves the freedom of being in Raven to tailor their own arrangements – her aim is to put a cello solo in every piece.

Little known Rachael facts
: Rachael also works as a fitting model for some high street clothes shops, despite the fact that her arms are 3cm too long for the job. Rachael’s most surreal career moment was miming playing the violin on Stars In Their Eyes, accompanying Edwina Currie pretending to be Edith Piaf.

Rachael loves: chicken and rice of any variety, electric blankets, The Sopranos, ginger beer, toddlers (but she couldn’t eat a whole one), Radiohead.

Rachael hates: lentils, Big Brother, smugness.